Engraved Glass. International Contemporary Artists by T. en M. Goodearl

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It is the transparent quality of glass that makes engraved glass special. The fusion of remarkable technical skill with artistic vision and the hard unforgiving medium of glass through which light passes gives engraved glass its special magic.

For many years the authors have been impressed by the reactions of the general public to engraved glass at exhibitions. Awe, wonder, and fascination are amongst the emotions displayed, To the lay person it has many of the qualities, and much of the magic, of Christmas. The question which is most often asked is, 'How can we find out more about glass engraving?'

This book sets out to fill this need by bringing together a collection of 148 full colour photographs of work by nearly seventy of the finest glass artists working today around the world. Their talent illustrates the immense diversity of styles, techniques and imaginative force which characterise contemporary glass engraving. The purpose is to excite, astonish and to kindle a greater interest and lasting enthusiasm in those enthusiasts who may previously have been unaware of the amazing variety of output from today's glass artists.

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