The window Glass makers of St. Helens by R.A. Parkin

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This is a record of window glass making by the Company of Pilkington Brothers, at Grove Street, St. Helens from 1826 to 1952. It is wholly about the sheet and rolled glass making factory known as Sheet Works, located in St. Helens at Grove Street only a short distance from the town centre. It was the birth place of the Company of Pilkington Brothers, originally founded as the St. Helens Glass Company in 1826, who started glass making under the Old Cone or No. 1 House, near to the banks of the St. Helens canal. The role of the Pilkington Brothers has long been recognised but it takes more than a hierarchy to establish the foundations of an industry that has become an influence world wide. The three “Ms”, “Men, Materials, and Machines” are the components that have to be brought together by management and in this record it is the men and women to whom this book pays tribute. They, the people of St. Helens who can call themselves glass makers, gatherers, blowers, teazers, producer men, splitters, cutters, carriers, supplemented by the claymakers, masons, smiths, sand getters, and later the chemists, engineers and designers, all of whom inherited that unique spirit and character that was inherent in that little township.
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