Ubuntu by Frank van den Ham

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Ubuntu is a word from the Zulu and Xhosa languages and means so much as “I am because we are”.
It became the title of a project by Frank van den Ham that took him back to South Africa.
Within the theme of this project Van den Ham published a new book too. The title is “Ubuntu”. The book, with a foreword of emeritus archbishop DR. Desmond Tutu, not only includes an overview of this new collection, but also twelve poems written by Frank.
All pictures were taken on location in South Africa – objects, landscapes, people and situations – by Marco Hamoen, the photographer Frank has worked with for many years. The result is of a great beauty, puts the objects in a world of their own and offers a fascinating view on the South Africa Frank has experienced. “Ubuntu”, 128 pages in full colour, 24 x 24cms, linen bound and with dust jacket.
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